Rafa Selase: The Soundtrack to Keep you Moving Forward

Rafa Selase: The Soundtrack to Keep you Moving Forward

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Influenced by the community, culture, and sounds of the Northern California Bay Area, Rafa Selase's music, art and songwriting aspires to speak to people across the globe on all levels of the musical, poetic and artistic spectrum. His first album, Meditation Music, hit the Billboard Charts at #8 in New Age music. A member and District Advocate of the Recording Academy, Selase has been quietly building a career as a multi-talented artist.

Selase's music defies genre as he flows seamlessly from improvisational piano to acid jazz and hip hop, often incorporating gospel sounds and other worldly vocals by Rainha Joy. The Rafa Selase channel will bring you provocative music videos, live performances, and music industry insight as Rafa journeys navigates the new landscape of the entertainment world.

"Reflecting the musical adventurousness and eclectic artistic brew of his Bay Area roots, Selase has a stunning body of work that encompasses everything from spoken word to acid jazz to New Age." - The Journal of Roots Music, No Depression

"It also echoes the pioneering spoken-word music of Gil Scott-Heron in its real and vivid poetry. As one can interpret from the title, Selase reflects on the social and political environment of living in America now. If Public Enemy was the CNN of inner cities, Selase is its literary observer." - All About Jazz

"Selase persistently soaks you in the truth of the moment - it's provocative, thoughtful, and eye-opening, all at once." - Stereo Stickman

"There is a crazy power that emanates from this music. However, the atmosphere is serene, it advances without arms, hatred, or violence." - ANOTHERWHISKY FOR MISTERBUKOWSKI

Be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

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Rafa Selase: The Soundtrack to Keep you Moving Forward